The Autonomous Tech TLV Conference 2018

The race to autonomous vehicles and smart cities is ON and Israeli technology is taking the lead!

AutonomousTech - The International Conference & Exhibition is a MUST attend international event dedicated to the technology that will shape the future of transportation and traffic.

AutonomousTech has a dual-goal: to bring together international industry scientists, researchers, engineers and key stakeholders along with the entrepreneurs, thinkers and developers to meet and discuss a wide range of technological issues, ongoing trends and new applications in the field.  At the same time AutonomousTech wishes to globally expose the impressive capabilities of the Israeli developers and to demonstrate Israel's leadership in the field.

If you are, or you aim to be among the teams designing the future of autonomous vehicles and smart cities, we will see you in Tel Aviv.

The international conference on AutonomousTechnologies

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Amnon Shashua

CEO & CTO of Mobileye and Senior Vice President of Intel Corporation and the chairperson of AutonomousTech

Aharon Aharon

CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

Christoph Peylo

Global Head of the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Rutie Adar

Head of Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center

Benny Daniel

Vice President - Consulting, Mobility-Europe, Frost & Sullivan

Omer David Keilaf

CEO & Co-Founder, Innoviz Technologies

Gila Kamhi

Research Lab Group Manager, User Experience Technologies, General Motors

Raj Rajkumar

George Westinghouse Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director, T-SET University Transportation Center; Director, Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Lab

Danny Shapiro

Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA

Zvi Shiller

Founder of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Ariel University and the director of the Paslin Laboratory for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Danny Atsmon

CEO & Founder, Cognata

Michal Varkat Wolkin

Head of Israel Office, Investments and Innovation, Lear Corporation

Yahal Zilka

Managing Partner, Magma

Roxanne Horesh

Managing Director, Union Tech Ventures

Micha Risling

SVP Marketing and Business Development, Head of the Automotive Business Unit, Valens

Jacob Silbiger

Managing Director and Co-Owner, Synergy Integration Ltd.

David Barzilai

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Karamba Security

Laly David

Partner, Head of Business Development, OurCrowd

Kobi Marenko

Co-founder & CEO, Arbe Robotics

Yoni Kahana

VP Customers, NanoLock

Moshe Doron

VP Products, Oryx Vision

Rami Khawaly

Co-Founder and CTO, MindoLife

Lior Cohen

CTO & Co-founder, Ride Vision

Alex Shulman

Director of Products, Foresight

Yoav Levy

CEO and Co-founder, Upstream Security

Shmoolik Mangan

Algorithms Development Manager, VayaVision

Yoav Hollander

Founder and CTO, Foretellix

Paulo Resende

P2/P3 R&D Product Technical Leader , Valeo France

Yaniv Sulkes

VP Business Development and Marketing, North America & Europe, Autotalks

Ophir Herbst

CEO, Jungo Connectivity Ltd.

Jamil R. Mazzawi

Founder and CEO, Optima Design Automation

Oren Betzaleli

General Manager, Harman Israel

Xavier Perrotton

Software Department Manager at Driving Assistance Research, Valeo

Moritz von Grotthuss

General Site Manager, Gestigon

Amir Freund

Chief Product Officer, Otonomo

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz

Co-Founder & CTO, Nexar Inc.

Zohar Fox

Co-founder and CEO, Aurora Labs

Adham Ghazali

CEO & Co-Founder, Imagry

Orr Danon

CEO and VP R&D, Hailo