Autonomous Tech TLV - The International Conference on Autonomous Technologies

The race towards autonomous vehicles and smart cities is ON and Israeli technology is at the lead!

AutonomousTech - the International Conference & Exhibition is a MUST attend international event dedicated to the technology that will shape the future of transportation and traffic.

AutonomousTech goal is dual, to bring together international industry scientists, researchers, engineers and key stakeholders along with the entrepreneurs, thinkers and developers to meet and discuss a wide range of technology issues, ongoing trends and new applications in the field.  At the same time AutonomousTech wishes to globally expose the impressive capabilities of the Israeli developers and to demonstrate Israel's leadership in the field.

If you are, or you aim to be, part of the teams who design the future of autonomous vehicles and smart cities we will see you in Tel Aviv.

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The international conference on AutonomousTechnologies

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